A Secret To Money

I’ve been speaking to a lot of people and I’ve felt a calling to speak out about this topic for a while now so here goes:

Money can feel stuck, scary and lacking for people particularly when one thinks of it in such a linear manner – you have money coming in and you have money going out. You just hope too and do all that you can to have less going out than what you have coming in. We have this ingrained in us and this is linear thinking. 

Money is not linear though. It is cyclic. Just like the seasons and a women’s monthly cycle, we come to understand the ups and downs, the positive and negatives; The idea is to not get caught up in the cycle but rather, be able to observe and understand the cycles so we can enjoy the journey of it all. In Real Estate, buying agents know this about the predictions of when it is good to invest, when the market is low and then sell when the market is high.

It’s the same with money! There will be ups and downs, stagnant times and flow. Holding on to money too tightly just creates a stingy attitude to money and of course, over spending too can cause an imbalance in the energy form of money. 

So if money is not linear, what do we do? 

Well we need to really appreciate (pun could be intended) that when we spend money, we are actually receiving more than the dollar amount – or so that is the point of money – the energetic nature of money is to gain more value than any dollar amount seems. What I mean by this is that say $100 is just a number until you put value to what you can gain with that money. Does what you spend that $100 on enrich your life or not? Is it actually worth more than $100?

Being cyclic, it also means that we need to pool money into an account where we can then use to invest so that no matter the ups and downs of our income and the market, we have investments and savings for those low times. Having this whilst also freely appreciating where we spend our money and the true value and a secret to money that our outflow gives us. Money is energy form for the exchange of adding value to others. 

So love paying your bills, because that shows appreciation of the value you gained. Love putting money aside as that will allow you to invest in your future. And always be open to new ways in which you can receive more money or notice the abundance you do have in more ways than just the dollar amount. 

I hope this serves you.

Love Lauren xx