{Transcription of Video, watch below} I wanted to catch you up on what I have coming next, as I think it’s really exciting and you might be interested in coming along to my next free event. If you don’t know, I have been teaching a wonderful modality called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and been involved in the modality for the last 11 years, being in the personal development field for over a decade now. I’ve been teaching NLP, Matrix Therapies; in fact being the one of the first Master Trainers in the world, certified by Pip McKay, the creator of Matrix Therapies, which is really exciting. I have taught hypnosis, and been recognised as NLP Trainer of the year, 2015 by the International Conscious Hypnosis & NLP Society. I’ve been Vice Chairperson of the Australian Board of NLP, the governing board of NLP in Australia, and now a board member of that beautiful governing company. What else have I been doing? I’ve also been recognised as a trainer in Chakra Mindset, created by Antoniette Gomez in Canberra which is a super amazing modality as well.

Amongst all of that time, I have been really interested in ancient wisdom and how ancient wisdom can be applied to our potential as human beings.

I was so honoured to go on an inaugural, really special spiritual tour in Egypt in 2007 guided by the most wonderful woman, Amber St Clare.  Amber was responsible for being that beautiful hypnotherapist that I went to when I was 16 years old and helped me once and for all resolve my years and years of chronic stomach ache pain. It was the wonderful Amber St Clare, who’s a clinical hypnotherapist, and in a session with her, through hypnosis I connected with my inner wisdom as you do (that’s what Hypnosis is all about.) and I let go of a limiting belief, and my life changed forever.

Now, it turns out that Amber is also an Egyptologist. I went to Egypt with her, and got to have these most amazing experiences where I was in the Great Pyramid in Giza. Our tour group had Giza all to ourselves, because we had exclusive access to these places. We had a guide who was able to talk to the security, and everyone else was told to leave Giza, and we had the pyramids to ourselves. We were in the Great Pyramid and we took the journey that the Pharaoh would take. We did some wonderful meditations, the rest I’m sworn to secrecy. We also got the Valley of the Kings to ourselves and other amazing exclusive experiences, like Karnak temple, where we were with Sekhmet, the goddess, and we were able to go and stand near her statue. No other tour has these exclusive accesses to the most sacred places!

Just incredible, incredible experience, and so, that tour is called Mirror of Eternity. Amber takes very lucky people who want to go with her so if you’ve ever had a calling to go to Egypt, you want to make sure you get on this tour! She goes twice a year and she’s been going twice a year now ever since my tour I did with her in 2007. If you’re going to do Egypt, you’ve got to go with Amber. She will tell you all of the spiritual meanings of the places. She will teach you how it relates to you and your lifetime on this earth. It’s just incredible!

Then, last year I went to Southern France, to do another spiritual tour, journey, with Pip McKay, and I studied the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine, and how, (if you’ve heard my podcast, and if you haven’t, listen to my podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud in Episode 3 where I talk about masculine and feminine energies) and how we all have both of those energies inside of us.

So now it’s about time that I’m starting to step into that ancient wisdom and to impart my passion there, to impart my wisdom, and how again, it relates to us with our potential. I’m holding a free event in September on the 15th and it’s in Crow’s Nest, Sydney.

It’s called The 8 Principles of Success, Love, and Happiness event and I’m going to share with you those 8 principles that comes from ancient wisdom. It’s 8 principles out of 22 principles that are the universal laws, that make up all of our consciousness. I’m really, really excited to share this event.

It’s free, it’s a Thursday evening event. Just send me a little note that you’d like to come along, and I’ll send you all the details. I’m really excited to be getting into Archetypal Coaching, created by Pip McKay, and Pip had a spiritual apprenticeship for 20 years being initiated into this very amazing information, the best of the best, most famous people in the world have known. I’m not talking just modern day people, but I’m talking about Leonardo Di Vinci, The Medicis, in the Renaissance time, that has created movements. People who have created very special movements in history, and created what we use today, for our potential, were initiated into this profound and secret information.

The 8 principles are actually the 8 principles on how to manifest anything in your life. If you’d like to be able to manifest your desires, if you’d like to understand what it truly means to be successful, what does success mean to you, and really explore how you can have more success in your life, on your terms. How you can have more true love, true happiness?… I’m really honoured to be sharing this information as my next step into this wonderful journey that is human potential.

I’d really love to see you there and share it with you. All my love, and faith your potential xx Lauren