I’ve been on the roller coaster of new mummyhood this last year and I’d like to introduce our daughter to you, Amber Ray Jobson. She is a delight and I feel blessed every single day even among the PND I have also been experiencing (more on that for another day). Here she is…she’s 11 months already. “Doggy” was her first official word since Halo really has become her best friend. See Picture Here

It took me a lot of thinking to know how I was going to get back in touch with my community with so much space in between yarns.

So much can happen in a year. A lot can change!

How are you different from this time last year?
Where have you grown? and
How would you like to improve going forward?

So a big hello to you and I’m happy to announce I am officially back in providing the resources that have changed my life and continue to hold me up in times of struggle and discomfort. In living life I then get to learn, research and discover really great tools and strategies to overcome problems and then share it all with you. I haven’t been all mummy and no business in fact…

When Amber was 4 months old I was diving deep into finally learning more about how our Soul chooses what we want to experience in this lifetime and am loving how astrology gives us SO much depth into who we are and how we can best fulfill our unique potential. I can’t wait to incorporate more of my studies into my new 1:1 coaching packages.

When Amber was 6 months old I taught one of my fave workshops, Masculine & Feminine Coaching. And in the last few months I have created and launched my long awaited SELF LOVE PLANNER that was made from so many years of loving how having a great planner can be the tool that brings me back home to myself and my path in overcoming overwhelm, procrastination and confusion. I am so excited to be sharing this with people and have already sold out on my first print run.

What do you have planned for 2019? I’d love to hear from you!!

I have a few exciting free events coming up to serve again and contribute my passion and purpose. I hope we connect again soon in some way so until we do, best wishes and I am here if you would like any support!

Love Lauren xx