What It Takes to Listen To Your Heart

I feel that we are programmed to be in our heads more than our hearts; programmed to listen to that voice inside our head and follow it like it’s the only truth. Maybe it’s easier for us to do this because of the programming from our environments.

Some of the reasons influencing our environmental programming are;

Firstly, we are told ‘to think’. We are asked “what do you want?” and the easy response is to think about the answer and then have an understanding of what we think we “should” want.

Secondly, the part of our minds that we are aware of, where that inner voice resides, is in what we can refer to as our conscious mind. And it is just that; the part of our mind that we are aware of. The thing about this is that it is only 4% or so of our entire mind’s capacity. The rest of our potential exists in our most amazing minds, in the parts that we are just unaware of. You may of heard this to be our subconscious mind or unconscious mind, these are the same thing, we could call it anything really, our hidden mind, our unaware mind…

What’s important about this is that out of all the amazing things I could tell you that our unconscious mind does for us, for now, I want to focus on sharing with you that this is where your emotions/feelings come from, where your behaviour functions from and to say the least, the place where you are most connected to your highest potential.

So would it be useful to be able to connect to that part of you that is coming from the best of who you are and to function from a place of your highest potential?

Now if you answered yes then there is one simple step you can do to connect more deeply within yourself, to follow and listen to your heart, your unconscious mind and that is to stop thinking so much and feel your feelings.

“A feeling is so much stronger than a thought.”


Perhaps you’ve observed how a thought can do amazing things to your body. A great example of this is when you get butterflies in your stomach. Or when you are really tired and think you couldn’t possibly do anything more, then something really inspires you and suddenly you have endless amounts of energy in your body. Now thoughts are certainly powerful, but what would a thought be without any feeling or emotion following it?

It’s quite incredible how many thoughts you can have in just a short amount of time and how they come and go so fleetingly throughout the day. It has been estimated that we have at least 70,000 thoughts in a day! So how many emotions do you go through in a day? Chances are (unless you are a small child) that you haven’t felt 70,000 feelings in that time. This is because a fleeting thought doesn’t have much affect on how we experience our world and consequently how we behave – unless that thought has made us feel a particular way at the same time.

A fleeting thought doesn’t have much energy as these particular thoughts are without form. If we asked you where your thoughts came from doubtless you would point to your head. And yet your head has a boundary whilst thoughts are boundless. You actually choose with your imagination what you think about in every moment. You then put that thought back from whence it came and pick another one that you prefer (or have habitually programmed yourself to think). Your feelings on the other hand are experienced in your body. This is the place from where you do all of your living in the material world. Your feelings are where you live.

Neville Goddard wrote a number of books on this principle way back in 1944, one of which was titled “Feeling is the Secret”. He said:

“That which you feel yourself to be you are, and you are given that which you are. So assume the feeling that would be yours were you already in possession of your wish, and your wish must be realised…So live in the feeling of being the one you want to be and that you shall be.”

“Every Feeling makes an unconscious impression…What you feel you are always dominates what you feel you would like to be; therefore, to be realised, the wish must be felt as a state that is rather than a state that is not.”

To summarise, whatever it is that you want to manifest, you must always assume the feeling within your heart and genuinely feel the love that your manifestation brings to you. Imagine yourself already having / being / doing and you will, as Neville states, be in a place where your wish must be realised – such is the power of your feelings.

All my love & faith in your potential,

Lauren xx

Written for A Peaceful Mind