What I learnt from Movie World this week

    This is me at Movie World with the Superman roller coaster & this is what I was reminded of from the experience of these rides that I hope you can learn from too:

  • How scary the unknown can be and how vulnerable one is when they don’t know what to expect.
  • The mind-body connection rings loud again for me as it’s so evident when we think a thought such as “yikes, this is going to be scary”, the body reacts accordingly with faster heartbeats and a nervous tummy.
  • How breathing & having a deep loving connection to our body is so important. Breathing deeply and calming the body with positive, loving thoughts is always a useful thing to do in any situation.
  • Having trust & faith (of the ride) & then surrendering to that process is the difference between enjoying it or not and…that once you do it and you move through your built up thoughts of how scary it is, have no idea what to expect but go for it anyway, breathe deeply, have loving thoughts to self, surrender & trust the process well then it brings you FUN, EXCITEMENT, PRIDE and REWARD that made the whole journey worth it!

Movie World