Personal Transformation Coaching

See below for all of the different options you can choose from in 1:1 Coaching with Lauren.
All of these options can also be done via phone and skype as well as face to face in Hornsby, Sydney.

Intention to Personally Transform Package

Deep Transformation Guaranteed!

This is what most people go for as it allows for all current problems to resolve. We start by clearing negative influences, emotions, internal conflicts and confusions. Then we set goals, plan any action steps and align your values so that you are confident in creating a life (and you) you love!

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Intention to Shine Package

Personal Breakthrough Sessions

6 x 90 minute sessions face-to-face/ skype / phone with Lauren Personalised Program specifically designed for you!

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Your Happily Ever After

A Platinum Package Specifically for Your Romance in Life!

Feel cherished and absolutely adored in your relationship (or desired relationship) while you live your passion and purpose.

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Discovering and Living Your Passion & Purpose

Feel Passionate & On Purpose!

You don’t just have one purpose that you either get to fulfil in this life or you don’t. Rather, you have generally 3 authentic energies that make you who you are and when you know these and then live through these in what you do…you will be passionate & fulfilling your purpose!

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Casual Hours

Custom Hours Face-to-Face, Skype or Phone for Personal Road-Blocks

This arrangement may suit people who would like to resolve phobias as this is a very specific problem and usually only takes one session.

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Personal Development Through The Chakras

The complete program is made up of the Chakra Mindset Book, Journal, Energy Intention Techniques & Meditations while you have Lauren keeping you accountable for half an hour every week via Skype.

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Coaching / Clinical Supervision Hours

For NLP, Matrix Therapies and Hypnosis Practitioners

Once you are working with clients regularly this would be a good time to start Clinical Supervision. It is highly recomended for anyone using NLP as a Therapist or Coach.

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