I’m here to tell you to be easier on yourself, to be truly grateful for where you are now on your journey and for you to give credit and stop comparing yourself but know on just how truly amazing you really are! Yes you are…do you believe me?

Well just in case you don’t, I will convince you in your belief that you are perfect and perfectly normal just like the rest of us!

Unfortunately I think it’s too easy for us, particularly as ambitious and giving women, to judge ourselves in comparison to others who we perceive to ‘have it all together’ and to be doing ‘better’ than us with life in general. When we do this and constantly look outside our self for who is ‘doing it right’ then no wonder we feel more pressure to do more, have more stress and even perhaps have a ‘lack of’ mentality, feeling like we are never enough or have enough.

Do you find yourself thinking…

  1. How does she do it? (You feel she must have magic powers or have skills and qualities that you just don’t have.)
  2. Why can’t I have what she has? (You feel that there is a definite gap between her success and where you are in your own.)
  3. Am I the only one who doesn’t have it all together? (You sometimes feel alone with all the things there are to do on a daily basis and it seems that everyone else is coping fine.)

You know what!? I think it’s a natural and normal thing that we can all feel these things at certain times in our lives, perhaps just in particular areas of our lives (whether that be professionally or personally).  It’s really important now that we stop looking outside of ourselves, stop comparing and judging in comparison to others, to now come inwards to nurture who we are and be grateful for where we are in our present moment.

Here are 3 things that you can do to live a more fulfilling life, to love who you are and to be satisfied with where you are now in relation to your goals.

1) Know that everyone you are observing has had their challenges along the way and they are still facing their own road blocks, whether they are showing them externally or not. You may have certain people on a pedestal, thinking that they have these magic powers (you just haven’t tapped into yet) and we need to remember that in observing another’s success, we can assume they have been on a journey of their own to manifest this success. It perhaps hasn’t been as easy for them as it may appear to you.

Let this allow you to remember that you are also on a journey and if you keep persisting with action from your heart then you too can manifest that success that you desire.

2) Look back at your life a year ago from today and notice now just how much you have truly grown and accomplished. If you feel that a lot of your external circumstances are the same as they were this time last year, chances are you are still a very different person to who you were back then. Think of all the profound learnings you have made about yourself because of the situations you have faced in these last 12 months.

What qualities do you now have because of your past experiences? These could be such things as; you are more clear on what you want from life, you have become more empowered within yourself because you have had to practice standing up for your boundaries and another one could be, you simply have more strength than you ever had because you have proven to yourself you can move on.

Anytime you find yourself looking outwards to what others are accomplishing, let that be a simple reminder in that moment to come back into your own awareness, to your own self, and acknowledge yourself on just how far you really have come. (You go girlfriend!!)

3) I want you to know that everything you have experienced so far in life and wherever you are now on your life journey is of value to others and you have a unique message to share because of it. We are who we are today because of everything we have experienced in our past and because of who you are now and what you have learnt from life, no matter what your journey has been, others can learn and be inspired from you.

Your journey is different from everyone else’s and it’s important that you just trust your own journey. This  is my message I would like to share with you, to trust that you are where you are supposed to be, here, right now is perfect for you because you have all these wonderful resources you can tap into from your own unique experiences. You can use these in your future and share with others how you have overcome such things.

We are all on this journey together with our own separate pathways to take. Let’s learn from our past and have it be resourceful to us so that we can be free in the present moment to choose a compelling future for our self.

With all my love and faith in your potential.

Lauren x

Written for A Peaceful Mind and go to that page to listen to the audio process by Lauren.