I believe I have such a blessed and wonderful life and there isn’t anything I would ever have changed. I don’t usually share my story but I think in telling it I will become more transparent to you and I would love for you to know me better. I can’t remember the day when I was told that my dad who I loved dearly and who I had thought was there from the beginning was not actually my biological father. Maybe I don’t remember that day because growing up as a young child I knew all along. But I might have only known at the unconscious level because my dad who I know today has always been my dad, no questions asked.


So when I was four years old, my baby sister was born and then three years later I had a gorgeous little baby brother. Nothing to complain about, I have a beautiful family! I do remember the day when I was told though that I have an older half brother as a photo of him was placed in my face and with that information, well I really didn’t know what to think or feel. It really was quite a strange discovery. It seemed that the family I knew was changing and as a young girl I must have started to question my place in it. It wasn’t long before I learned that I have 2 older sisters too that were born before my older brother. When I was told that I had an older brother who lived on the other side of the world I must have started to realise the reality in that my biological father left my mother and I just before I was two years old. Again I will reiterate that I am so grateful for everything in my life just as it is. My dad married my mum just after I turned two years old and no one has ever looked back. So this brings me to the part of my story when I was in high school and I was very ill with stomach aches for years and years.

The pain that I caused my family and friends as they had to watch me cripple over in pain every single day for about three years. Some people would think that I had an eating disorder but I remember my mind being one of wanting to change and wanting to be happy and I believed I loved myself. All I wanted was for the pain to go away! I saw every surgeon, doctor and had all the different tests done in desperate need of wanting to be normal again. It wasn’t until I saw a wonderful hypnotherapist, the amazing Amber StClare who guided me into a beautiful session of hypnosis and while connecting to my unconscious mind I finally discovered that the creation of all that pain was due to a limiting and negative decision I had made about myself.

The reason I was creating all that pain was because at the unconscious level I had the belief that I didn’t deserve to be happy and free from pain because my bio father had walked out on me. Before coming out of that hypnosis session I deleted that belief and only days after did I never ever have a stomach ache again. And so my journey had just begun, since then from that very young age I have made it my mission to share with people that you need to empower yourself and take responsibility for all the results that you get in life. In a nutshell, I will tell you now that I did meet my brother and that was great and then it brought up a lot of challenges.

Eight years later and only a few months ago from when I am writing this I found out that I have two younger brothers out there too.

In 2012, at the age of 26, I got in contact with my two older sisters since they knew me as a baby and were only 9 & 8 when I left the UK to come to Australia. I couldn’t have imagined us connecting in the way that we have and I am grateful beyond words that we can now build our relationships. They are beautiful women and I am proud to now say they have me as their baby sister. I met Lisa in January 2014 and it was just AMAZING! Here is a photo of us together (yes with a Kangaroo so she came to Australia):


When I graduated from high school I studied to get into the music industry and while at college I worked for a music magazine. The year after that I managed to get into working for a record label and I had a really fun year of going out to music gigs at least three times a week to meet artists and go to album launches. Meanwhile, while I was studying marketing to get into the music industry I was also studying NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. I became a Practitioner in all three modalities the year after I left high school and now 5 years later I am a Trainer of NLP & Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. This means that I now teach NLP to others and I run workshops, training and see clients to help them empower themselves so they can have the life they deserve.

A major lesson I learned on my career path is that you really need to believe in what you do because if you don’t you will find that you may create some destructive conflicts between what you do for work and what you value in life. Your values determine what you are motivated to do in life and then they judge your actions on whether they are good or bad. Particularly for me, working in the music industry conflicted with my values such as having self-respect, spending time with family etc and so I needed to make the move to leave the industry if I was going to live a healthy and happy life. I am not a victim of anything in my life. I am the creator of absolutely everything in my life and I can only hope that I can inspire and influence others to feel the same.

Be-cause when you take responsibility for everything that has happened in your life the beautiful part about it is that there is nothing you can’t do. Be Empowered to Love Yourself Be-Cause