I remember the weekend I truly met myself. I deeply came to understand the parts of me that make me who I am.

It was in a break of the training. I stood outside to breathe in the fresh air on a warm summer’s day. It was a comfortable day, not too humid like Sydney can bring and there was a pleasant breeze that cooled my skin often. I looked up at the blue sky and I felt the world being brighter around me. I had found myself. I had discovered me, amongst not necessarily feeling lost. My life was pretty good.

But I felt that life was just going to get so much better. And sure enough, it really did.

I realise looking back, the things in my life that weren’t in flow, I didn’t seem to realise just how much of a struggle I was making things to be. I didn’t know how my career for example, could be so much more enjoyable.

I accepted my path for the struggle that it was and thought that it was just the way it was going to be.

I was keeping myself in a bubble of disillusionment thinking that all I needed to do was to keep taking action. Yet my actions didn’t seem to align with who I was. Things were hard and an uphill battle.

The biggest example of this was in my coaching and training business. From a young age I was lucky enough to feel a deep yearning for what it was that made me feel alive and on purpose. This was to learn about human potential and then share that with others through teaching NLP and coaching. I took all the right steps to pursue my passion and yet I wasn’t able to make it my full time business. In fact, I wasn’t making much money from it at all so you could say it was more of a passion project. My disillusionment right there. Thinking I had a business in what I loved to do but not making any more from it.

This meant that I was working other jobs where I would be making the money to pay for my client room hire, coaching website and business cards etc – such things that would have me feeling I was running a business after all.

Bless my darling website designer, who just so happens to be a great friend of mine from high school. Honestly, over years…yes years I would be asking her to change my website over and over again before I felt like I could share it. It was never the website that was the problem, I changed my tagline, thought perhaps I needed a logo, ,maybe get better photos, it just went on and on. My business name was “Results with Lauren” and looking back now, I know I actually felt embarrassed about that name. It didn’t feel like me but I couldn’t pinpoint this at the time. I didn’t feel so excited in sharing this with others! Woah – a big problem right there when I felt embarrassed to share my business!

One of those jobs I did to earn money was to pick up babysitting gigs whenever I was asked. I remember one parent of a child I was looking after, on receiving my business card, asked me “oh, so are you a maths tutor?”. Oh dear! “Results With Lauren” came across as a Maths tutor. I still kept the name. Again, a big sign from the universe and yet I stayed in my disillusion.

So, bringing us to the weekend where I met myself. All of this was about to change in a really liberating and inspiring way. I was never shamed about my disillusion or felt uncomfortable in the change I was about to make. The entire process was extremely fun and empowering and only years later, looking back I can truly realise just how disillusioned I really was.

So I give love to my past self and know that I was simply taking the actions that I had been seeing in my external world, rather than connecting with my truth inside myself. Once I knew my truth, that is, my inner wisdom, I could come from that place of true authenticity and grace in being me!

That weekend I learnt my authentic energies that make up…well me. I discovered the 3 archetypal energies that when I am in those energies, I am most passionate and most myself. These archetypes have an order inside of me too that makes up my genius. This means that when I follow a particular order of these energies, I bring my passion through in anything and everything that I do.

I learnt that it’s not about what you do that is your purpose. It is your being that you bring to that thing that matters!

Without explaining to you the archetypes which are all very fabulous and interesting. I can share with you my flow of genius with these energies;

– For as long as I feel a connection to a person,

– I then nurture that connection

– through inspiration and fun

there is just one more archetype that I bring and that is called my Talent archetype/energy,

– to achieve a mutual goal in that connection,

well then I am truly in flow of my passion & purpose!

The weekend I met my archetypes was the weekend I met myself and found the permission to be all of who I am!

I immediately changed my business name to “Love Life With Lauren” as you know it because one of my archetypes is all about love and self love. I could easily come up with my tagline and my business message too. I now have my business…and yes it is a business now, where it is what I do to support me financially and even make more money than my husband hehe.

The best thing of all is that any problem I face in life, to gain resources to be able to resolve it,  all I need to do is follow my flow of genius and connect back to my archetypes.

If you would like to learn your archetypes, your flow of genius, put your energies into action in improving an area of your life and setting aligned goals to your true passion and purpose, all in just 3 days, then you can join us for our next Passion & Purpose weekend.

This training that I have mentioned here is Discovering Your Passion & Purpose Archetypes, taught and created by Pip McKay.

I now have the tremendous honour of teaching this program myself, under license by Pip McKay.